Curb the Passion

You can’t get any girl you like as I stated previously. In this world, nobody can. Also for actors who seduce women, the game of numbers persists. Your journey would of course be much simpler if you are wealthy, popular, good-looking, and not too mature. Some individuals can tell you in the self-help or seduction industry that you can get any girl you love, the same as something in life you may do, but neither is valid.

No matter how much hard work he puts in a man who is five feet tall will find it difficult to become a center player in the NBA, and he will also face insurmountable problems getting supermodels if there is no other factor in his life that compensates for his physical limitations. This is not a matter of views being restricted. Life is not equal, and that will not be believed by someone in their right mind. That being said, given the ability, adequate commitment and the correct circumstances, you will definitely accomplish a lot in life. If you just put the work in, you can even get enough girls.

Of all the girls they approach, even the very best seducers will only get a tiny fraction. It could be one out of thirty or forty girls for others. Of course, you’re going to go home with the very first girl you talk to on some occasions, and you’re going to gather two phone numbers on the bus on some days, leading to two sensual encounters later in the week but those are exceptions.

Thus by bearing in mind what reasonable results are it is important to escape dissatisfaction. Also I do understand that most men have much else to do with their lives than chasing skirt. Thus, as a rough guideline, take the following:

About ten percent of the women you meet can not fairly expect you to be interested in you.

You’re doing well if you have sex with five girls a year.

You are excellent by usual standards if you have ten girls a year.

Of course, if there is anything in your life that you place above chasing women, the previous figures would only hold. Those figures would be very frustrating if you go out three times a week. In the other hand, I find it absurd when people say they are disappointed with their lack of success because, despite going out frequently, they have slept with just a small handful of women” over the course of the year when they have not seen that many women in the last five years combined.

It is also worth bearing in mind that even though you do not wish to have a serious relationship, five girls a year should allow for a very satisfying sex life. You may not be able to keep any of them around, but if you only manage to sustain some sort of intimate relationship over the course of the year with two or three ladies, then your dreaded dry spells are going to be a thing of the past, and this is a fantastic start, isn’t it?

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