Generally, owing to atmospheric conditions

A consideration could be snow, frost, hail, or heavy rain and strong winds. Just don’t make up for poor weather conditions to offset the bad schedule. Have you ever heard of The Channel Weather? Your business did so. For you, here’s another case.

My air conditioning went out one day so I called to ask the repair department if they would be paying for a hotel. They said No. We tested the temperature, and there it is in the 60s.” It was almost 75 degrees at the time, and the sun was burning. Yeahh, I know that. 75 isn’t that bad. Yet anybody who has ever driven a truck will warn you that when the sun cooks it, it’s still 20 degrees cooler inside the rig. Of course, I told them they were nuttier than the air of a squirrel. Sorry. That’s our final call,” they added.”

When I was only over three weeks into a new career, this talk took place. I was crazy and about to tell them where their no-air-conditioning-workin’-hunk-a-junk truck might be trapped! But a cold front brought in the showers fifteen minutes later and the temperature fell to 65 degrees. Oh, go figure. But don’t give your luck a push.

Second, but not least, brace yourself for the mindset of “hurry up and wait.”

I can’t count how many times I was told to pick up a hot” load that “completely, positively” had to be picked up by a certain time. Only for the shipping department to inform me in an uncaring, nonchalant voice that it would take a few hours before they had a dock at their disposal would I bust my hump to get there.

I’ve seen dispatchers and shippers on the other end of things tell me that their client wanted a load ASAP. We’d miss a shower, snack on the go and push right through to the floor with our foot mashed, only to hear, “More of those? We still have so many of those!! I don’t even have a place to position ’em!!” Challenging, I tell you. Frustrating, I tell you. Simply get used to it. As Qui-Gon Jinn will say, “Patience, my young Padawan,” to Obi-Wan.

So let me say it like this…

If you are a responsible guy, you will be loved more by your trucking business than by Gene Loves Jezebel. If not… yeah, anyway, we’ll have you. People like you make me look terrific!

This is the bottom line: come tall, come little, come one, come all. Dr. Seuss, eat your heart out.

This book is going to give you plenty of considerations that can help you determine if you are right for a truck driving job. Your physical height is just one of those considerations because as you’ve noticed, if that’s what you want to do with your life, size shouldn’t deter you from driving a tractor. Many trucking firms, no matter how large or small you are, would be clamoring for you.

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