How much money are you going to make?

Why is it that money in all our lives still appears to be the primary topic? Perhaps it’s because money-related claims account for the number one cause of divorce in America. Perhaps that you’d be living in a cardboard box without it and using Wild Dog 20/20 as aftershave.

But that’s because you’d be an asshole to swap jobs without understanding how much money you’re going to earn when it comes to your career. Anyone who is dumb enough to do so is possibly capable of remaining broke.

So let’s move on and hit the subject. That way, you won’t need to read any more if you were expecting a get-rich-quick plan. Trucking is surely not as if there is such a thing) a road to become a millionaire overnight. But it is possible to double the revenue within one month based on how much you actually receive. That isn’t too shabby, is it now?

I guess you’ve found out by now that I have never returned to Kansas State University, home of the Wildcats and students of toothpick-wielding design. Here’s the reason.

I really did some research on a career as an architect, unlike my former career as a rock star. Boy, I’m pleased I did it. I find out that at that moment, an apprentice architect straight out of college earned around $19,000 a year. Granted, had I been able to relocate to a major city, I might have made more money.

The trouble with that is that I like big cities about as much as I like liver and onions washed down by a wet, light beer, with a side order of Brussels sprouts. And, yeah, I correctly pronounced ‘Brussels sprouts’. I had to try it out, so that’s right.

Let my calculator whip me out. Here, join me. I promise it’s meaningful.

It would not have been all that awful for nineteen grand a year, except that we started driving a truck in early July and our joint tax return showed about $60,000 for our first year. Looking at our W-2 tax returns, it was about $50,000 from trucking. I’m not very good at math right now so I’m going to see if I can get Jethro to help me encrypt this.

Combined profits of $50,000 for six months of trucking. I made half of it because my co-driver was The Wicked Overlord. $50,000 broken by 2 is equivalent to $25,000. Hmm. Hmm. $25,000 is more than $19,000 (apprentice architect pay), and that’s just what I got for about six months from late June to December. Wow!-Wow! If I had to drive a truck all year long, I would make $50,000 as a solo driver! That means we will make over $100,000 as a team if we all worked the entire next year!

But for one which was due to some medical conditions that The Wicked Overlord couldn’t drive for four months, we did, and close to that every year after that. I assume the insane scientists had given a warning of her unique model and wanted her back in the laboratory to update certain pieces of it. Poor… supercharged! Terrific. Wonderful. Exactly what I wanted.

Let these statistics soak in now. Together one year and $100,000 the next, we made over $30,000 in household sales! Going back to college? Ok, we were planning on moving there but the money ended up catching us like a coon of trees.

100 grand is probably petty cash for a doctor or judge. To us though, it was like winning the lottery.

It took us both to make that much money in context, when a doctor or lawyer could probably make that much on their own. Yet for eight years, we didn’t have to go to college to accumulate $150,000 or more for our 100 grand a year in student loans.

So as a solo driver, $50,000 is a pittance for Doctor Dude. Yet $50,000, to Mr. Burger Flipper, is a small fortune. And if he could make Mrs. Burger Flipper go along with that…

I feel the need to stress that not all new drivers are going to make 50 grand a year. Many people in the recruitment industry can tell you that in their first year, a new driver should hope to make $40-45,000. I’m just showing you the real numbers we’ve been raking in. The findings will differ. Terrific. Wonderful. Now on a get-rich-quick page, I feel like the fine print.

So was the squad worth $100,000 trucking all the cash rainbows and gold-glittering streams?

Scarcely. For one thing, you’d best make sure that you get along well with everyone with whom you’re thinking team driving. There’s nowhere to go to get away from the frustration as co-drivers disagree. Since there were no doors to separate us from The Wicked Overlord, she had to become a master at slamming a curtain shut. Two of the guys who partner up could end up in a fistfight on the side of the lane. Seriously, this has existed several years since.

Even each driver will be working about 60-70 hours a week to make this kind of dough.

Sounds kind of like a lot, huh? Here you’ll have to believe me. Running 70 hours a week driving a truck would not feel like working at your workplace for 70 hours. Again, I realize because for many years I’ve done it.

I was exhausted all the time before trucking, because I worked all the long hours and went to classes, and slept every chance I could get. In Night of the Living Dead, I never got enough rest and still felt like one of those undead, minus the rotting flesh thing and of course, the temptation to eat brains.

Compared to doing one full-time job, one part-time job, maintaining a full college schedule, and having two hours of sleep per week, seventy hours in a truck sounds like a picnic. I was still not the only one with a hectic schedule. The Wicked Overlord worked at the egg plant full time while she took her own school.

Nowadays as I cross my full drive time of 70 hours a week, I am already itching to get going. I find myself wondering why I will not be allowed to work more hours a week under the federal rules. However, Golly. Who am I to challenge the commissions of the government? They know the best thing about me… right?

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