It’s Always Her Choice and Yours, too!

Seduction is not manipulative but mutual. This might come as a surprise to someone who was expecting trickery, coercion, or the use of liquor. Steve Dublanica had a fitting quote on his blog Waiter Rant:Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already.Please note that this applies to both sexes. If either man or woman is not interested, sex simply will not happen on its own. This thought might be refreshing if you feel that it is always the woman who is ultimately choosing. You have to make a choice too, and you are as powerful as she is in this regard. However, because women usually don’t give strong hints when they are interested in a man, you may be much less aware of this fact. Nonetheless, they want male attention. Or why do you think they put on make-up in the first place?

Girls of course know what you have in mind when you walk up to them. They are aware that you are probably not all that interested in the book she’s reading or the drink she’s having. If any approach was as innocent as they seem, then girls would have no reason to react negatively, but because they rightly view those attempts as the first part of the mating dance, they quickly let you know if they aren’t interested.

The belief that girls actually want to have sex seems to be rather unconventional, judged by how the subject is usually treated in the media. However, girls are not evil schemers who deny sex to men to feel superior and enjoy leading them on. Just like us, most just want to get by. They want to have sex every once in a while and to be treated with more than a modicum of respect. Eventually, most women want to find a nice guy to settle down and have children with. You will find this to be true no matter how desirable a woman is. On the other hand, a guy with a lot of sexual choice is often much less in a hurry to enter a relationship.Just because women are desperate for sex doesn’t mean you should sacrifice yourself to everything that walks either. The ideal outcome is a win-win situation, where you both want each other. Nobody likes the feeling that the other person just agreed to sex due to a perceived or real lack of alternatives. Also, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out whether you were really interested in the girl or merely needed an outlet for your sex drive, but the moment of truth invariably comes afterwards. It’s definitely a good sign if you want her to be around after you’ve had an orgasm.


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