Levels of Receptiveness

Not all girls are interested in you in the same way. Let go of the illusion that you can get any girl you like with the right kind of pick-up line or by adopting a certain strategy, even though she wasn’t interested in you originally. Life doesn’t work like that. Girls belong, instead, to one of three categories:

Girls in the red zone are not going to have sex with you under any conditions. You just don’t turn her on at all because she can’t drink too much to make you arouse her. But if you think that you are not good-looking enough, please don’t bring yourself down.

As much as we like to fantasize about the fact that if we just looked like Brad Pitt in the Fight Club movie, we might get any girl we liked, it just isn’t that way. No matter how sexy you are you are clearly not going to be the right kind of guy for some girls. On the other hand, not only can Brad Pitt get laid quickly with a few girls from that movie, so will you. Those girls are not going to be into you. No matter what it is, your style, or the social standing you possess, this may be due to your physique.

The grey zone is even more fascinating, since if you are one of the very few options that are actually open to them these girls will opt to give you a shot. This goes back to the previous argument that women get horny and want to have sex as a result. If they don’t have a lot of options, no matter if it’s actual or fictional, at some point they’ll settle for some of the guys that are available to her. Fortunately, you may very well be this man.

Please understand that she doesn’t choose the man she considers the most desirable in those cases, but the one she finds the least repulsive. In addition, it is only with girls belonging to this group that the definition of game will come in. It does not come down to fancy pick-up lines, however, but to walk the fine line between being appropriately aggressive and not too pushy. That being said, even in those situations it is more effective to cut the connections short and to go after others who are more interested in you.

If you are being frank, the same system operates for you. Although the cosmetically and digitally transformed Megan Fox in Transformers: Vengeance of the Fallen presents you with a roaring boner, your pudgy work colleague Susan Dimples is at most lukewarm. The function of attraction is easy to see in this situation. The gray region, however, needs more analysis. You do not find the aforementioned Susan appealing at all because she is nothing special, but it can quickly alter your perspective.

Imagine, since the finale of The Sopranos was seen, you haven’t been laid, and now you’re out with some of your work mates in a bar. You’ve got a handful, and suddenly, when she’s done with her two or three hours of unpaid regular overtime, Susan joins her, and she enjoys being an energetic workplace drone. You now remember, for some odd reason, that her legs don’t look that bad. Of course, the beer goggles make them look much better after a bit.

Fortunately, for you after the Sex and the City climax, Susan has not gotten laid and is thus much more desperate than you are. It is not necessarily disadvantageous to your case that she recently turned 29 and never appears to find a good man either. “Accidentally,” her hand ends up settling on your thigh, and you happen to find this very arousing because feminine contact is something you are not really used to. It’s getting late and Susan is asking you if you should go home with her. She’s scared, you know, of the dark and all that.

If you’re like any other desperate guy I know, then you’re most likely to accompany Susan home and accept her invitation upstairs to have some coffee, knowing just too well what this means. In the other hand, you would not even care when a girl like Susan makes a play on you if you were laid down like Mick Jagger in the 1960s. Similarly, she would have no excuse to get drunk with her lame work mates if Susan had suitors lined up in front of her house either.

Finally, if all you appear to meet are girls in the red zone, then you obviously don’t know whether you’re involved in a person, which is a fairly normal occurrence. Yeah, when she looks in your face, maybe she means you very well! If you just can’t get any girl to react favorably to you, on the other hand, you either live in an incredibly restrictive world where girls actually think they’re going to go to hell talking to strangers, or you have to practice seriously to boost your looks.

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