Moving Nearer

Her warm reaction, equal to an invitation to resume the discussion, does not actually mean that she instantly wishes to have sex with you. She may just be friendly. Thankfully, through eye contact, invasion of space, and touch, it is easy to express sexuality.

Sexuality exudes from a guy who makes good eye contact, stands next to the girl, and probably even casually touches her. In comparison, such conduct goes hand in hand with showing confidence. Although trust is significant, it is also imaginary to some degree and something that other individuals ascribe to you even though you do not feel especially positive in yourself. So, if you have a nice posture, make good eye contact and speak with a loud and consistent voice, no matter how much you ponder your own insignificance, people will believe that you are a positive person.

Nonetheless, while some individuals will agree you are optimistic, others will see you as arrogant. It’s analogous to one girl respecting your daring approach because she likes you, when the next one wasn’t waiting for a guy like you to approach her and instead assumes you’re a jerk. This dynamic has been brilliantly portrayed in Woody Allen’s masterpiece Vicky Christina Barcelona, where the artist Juan Antonio introduces himself to the two women in a restaurant. His bluntness, Vicky finds disrespectful. Yet, his easy invitation to spend a weekend with him flatters Christina.

It’s a fantastic start that she’s talking to you, but what if she’s just friendly? Hence, the next step is to feel where she’s at. You will soon note if there is a spark between the two of you as you get more experienced. But if you’re just starting out do not despair. Next, observe how the eye contact reacts to her. Whether she’s looking into your eyes actually, so hopefully you’ll get the hint.

If you are unfamiliar with the other things that I’m going to write about, keeping eye contact will be your limit. Only leaving it at that in this situation. We take a single move at a time. Have some small talk and then tell the girl that you have to go but would like to resume this chat some other time. Afterwards, you try to share numbers, but it does not influence you either if she doesn’t want to. If she declines, just say something like, ‘Yeah, I understand,’ even if there’s nothing you can understand, and say goodbye. An result you found unacceptable is no excuse to become antagonistic, as in any other social situation.

During the chat, whether you get a cold vibe or find that she is being friendly, then do not push yourself to proceed. You should walk away forever. But let’s say that she appears involved. In this situation, by disrupting her personal space, you will raise sexual stress early in the relationship. The invasion of space has nothing to do with the classic arcade video game, but instead means that you are a little closer to it than would be socially appropriate for strangers otherwise.

The exact distance differs from culture to culture, but if you are in doubt, please don’t push it unnecessarily. Women are very mindful of their private space and she will simply back off if the girl doesn’t find you appealing enough, which is a product of her viewing the annoyance she experiences as confrontational. She’ll like it if she likes you, and maybe even get aroused by it. Again, this can only be learned from experience, so you can quickly say how relaxed a woman is after a while by standing only a little closer to her than is normal in her society.

[Note: If this sounds weird to you, wait for the next time you see one of your friends. You will find that when you speak to him, you immediately retain a certain distance. You should warn him about this and then ask him to come closer to you slowly, for the sake of finding out if there really is any validity to my argument. Once he gets so close to you, you would definitely experience increasing pain. But imagine now that there’s an attractive girl in his place. Suddenly, it would be fun or even arousing, wouldn’t it? In the other hand, if a man, or an unattractive female, were to get too close to you, you might back off a little bit.]]

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