Mutual Anticipations

Sex is what you initially follow in the paradigm of advancement I advocate, and anything afterward is optional. Ideally, it works like this: you first hook up with a girl, and you want to keep seeing her because you enjoy having sex with her. In the other hand, you have a good excuse for not seeing her again if the sex was terrible.

You can discover that she is fun to be around while you keep the casual relationship going. Therefore what began as a hook-up could gradually develop into a more serious relationship. This is a totally normal development, because you are familiar with one girl with some experience. However it is profoundly different from conventional dating, where the girl feels she should make you stay for a few weeks at least. Run if you meet such a child!

Sexually healthy women like a man who doesn’t have any fear of sexuality. This is not the only thing that they want, but it’s a fantastic place to launch. After all, you just want sex. You might think in a few days that it will be nice to go out and just get laid down, and nothing else. This is nice because there are a lot of females around who have the same target. While it is a smart strategy to leave your choices open and not rule out seeing a certain girl again if you do not want to replicate the experience, you should be honest. Therefore don’t pretend that you are interested in dating her if you feel like only having sex with a guy.

Be frank, but don’t be rude about your interests! Some people get addicted very easily especially if they think there is hope that a hook-up or an affair will turn into a serious relationship. But you could break their hearts and cause bad blood by misleading them. Of course, it is not necessarily possible to prevent harming the other person or being injured yourself, since you might have somewhat different motives at all, aside from cases under which you were only after momentary sexual pleasure. You may assume you don’t have to worry about it however insensitive actions might come back to haunt you.

Her trust in you

Find out as soon as possible if she is involved. And if she’s a stand-off, basically, you’re just wasting time. Only think about it economically: would you rather spend one or two minutes with a woman, then decide if she’s interesting and seeking her sufficiently, or would you probably waste a couple of hours talking to a girl who would just want to talk to you? In nightclubs, this is most apparent. Either you may have one or two longer talks with girls that may or may not go somewhere, or you may be able to reach one or two dozen girls before you find one who wants to go with you home. The latter option is definitely the more rational one. So, cut the loses early and ask yourself how much time you value.

Do not urgently linger around so if she is not involved, move on instead! Still, if she is, make your move. Soon enough I’ll send realistic examples. For now just reflect on the main elements of seduction. In the very early phases of the relationship, what you basically do is seek a reaction. You can calculate her level of engagement only after you have asked her a question, stepped closer than normal to her or maybe at a bar, place your hand squarely on her thigh when she is sitting. If she obviously responds adversely to a fairly harmless move, it is best to look quickly at other prospects.

Some ladies are just lukewarm and they’re never going to adjust. When you touch them, they get awkward, get sticky palms when you grip theirs, and they have to warn you any time after a kiss that they are typically “not like that.” Values and social norms cause many people to restrain themselves, and then they are fearful of some form of contact. It almost seems as if you are their counselor to get to know them and actually have sex with them. It should not take weeks, though, for a girl to develop adequate confidence so that she can be intimate with you.

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