Tattoos, piercing your face and body, and hippy-haired dudes.

I said earlier that my hairstyle had brought me a lot of unwelcome publicity. This hairstyle was a legacy of my rock-n-roll days (in this shot, I’m on the right). It was half way down to my rear, all one length, and as straight as the person from which it sprouts. The six-year-old cousin of The Wicked Overlord referred to it as “mommy fur.” Gee, it is really good for your masculinity. Anyway it’s short now. Very brief. Has trucking forced me to cut it? Oh yeah, yes and no.

I may have been recruited for long hair by a lot of trucking firms, but the organization we selected wanted me to shave it above the neck. Right now let me say that this is not normal at all. Sometimes identified with truckers, “clean cut” is not a term. Take a ride to your nearest truck stop and if you don’t believe me, look at all the truckers.

Even it was time for the hair to go for me. I was no longer a want tobe rock star and I was persuaded by The Dark Overlord that it was time for a transition. Although cutting my hair was very hard (it took eight years to grow out), life on the road was a lot smoother without constantly having to mess with it. But if you have “mommy fur” and you want to keep it, do so by all means. Only locate an entity that enables it. It won’t be rough.

For tattoos and body piercings, the same goes. Your body art won’t like others businesses; some don’t care. Some would not employ you over the collar with facial tattoos or other jewelry. I should be explicit that jewelry is a positive thing for women. For the tattoos, others will be all right as long as they’re hidden when you’re running. If you have a facial tattoo that makes you look like a living jack-o’-lantern, others do not even care.

Some can need you when you’re working to remove your eyebrow staples and your tongue ring. Others don’t mind. There are a lot of firms with diverse criteria out there. If you’re not able to or can’t) part with them, find one that embraces your unique type of body art. And when you’re at it have a tetanus injection. The spike on the tongue looks like it’s being poisoned.

Speak about things I don’t comprehend…

From crossdressers. Yeah, I saw a lot of you out here, actually. One day, I recall walking into a shipper and looking up to see a “she” driver wearing a pink dress and heels. This reminded me of the sort of thing Dolores Umbridge was going to wear. The closer I get, the more I realized that something was “wrong.”

I now know that we are meant to be accepting of the lifestyles of other countries, but coming from a small town, I’m not used to being faced by something like this. I guess I did a pretty good job in retrospect. Like I will with every other driver, I talked and cut up with him/her. At least in my opinion, that’s how it went. I had a Dreyfus Chief Inspector-worthy eye twitch going on for all I knew.

I’m just telling you this so that you’ll know that when I say that the trucking industry is going to take almost anyone, I mean almost anyone. The crossdresser may potentially have a leg-up on us drivers with a more “set” wardrobe, as a matter of fact. I had one terminal manager inform me that working with crossdressers gave a heightened sense of consciousness to him and others in his workplace.

For one thing, they had to be extra vigilant about treating him as “she.” He said that when it came to jobs, it also placed him in a tough position. He said that even though they didn’t seem like they had a strong work experience, he felt like he had to hire a crossdresser. In comparison, if he wanted to, he still did not feel like he could shoot one. He still worried that they would contend that they had been discriminated against. Maybe it was just in his head, but I have a feeling that if I put it in his shoes, I would feel the very same way.

Anyway at least you know that if you’re a man who wants to wear pearls, there’s a trucking spot for you. Similarly, if you’re a lady who needs to be named Dewayne, no one can keep you out of a career in trucking either.

For those of you with physical limitations, here is one more note.

Believe it or not, many truck stops for truckers have handicapped parking spots. Of course, when any physically fit jerk is parked there, they won’t do you any good. Then again, you’re probably still used to people parking inappropriately in your allocated areas, so it’s probably not going to be a big change for you.

The bulk of truck stops are equipped to accommodate people with disabilities, much as any other public venue. All the facilities you will need, including at least one of the shower rooms, are available.

As far as the actual act of driving goes, you can need to wade through some red tape in order to drive a vehicle if you have the loss of a limb. In Chapter 15, we’ll talk more about disabilities. For more info, check out this page.

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