The Interaction initiation

You’ve got to keep in mind that talking to a girl is your work. She can only play an active part in extremely limited occasions. In addition, no matter when you encounter the girl, having an innocent move, which is decided by the setting, is the most simple strategy. Make a random remark while she is skimming through clothes at a shop to see if she bites. Do not present yourself or apologise, but just say something like, “That’s a very good color.” Full stop. Do not pose a question and do not use the question’s insecure intonation either. We’re going to leave that part to that girl.

In almost every case, this works. You say, “What a coincidence,” to the girl at the bar sipping on Long Island. I was also about to have one of those, provided you were really going to order that sort of drink. In the daytime, it’s nice to inquire for directions or just the time. I once saw a pretty girl sitting at a bus stop in London and asked her to go to the nearest tube station. I thanked her after she told me where it was and turned around to walk away. She said louder then, ‘…but it’s very far away. Maybe you don’t want to walk there. This was what I wanted to hear to know that she was involved, but she had already been giving away the way she had looked at me.

No matter where you are, there is always a random remark you might make. To do so, you don’t even have to look at the girl. If you enjoy going to museums, the moment a girl emerges beside you, you might say something about the art. I once looked at Gerhard Richter’s painting at Tate Modern. I said something devoid of any sense, such as that the colors were “strangely interesting,” when a pretty girl walked up to the canvas. This was in line with my assumption that to stop repelling normal girls, it was easier to dumb down. You may also sound as though you are behaving because you are highly trained. Anyway, being the little pseudo-intellectual she was, she nodded approvingly. She followed immediately when I turned to walk to the next painting, and we resumed our discussion.

To demonstrate the theory, the previous examples should be enough. In any event, the point of this is to encourage the girl to make a swift decision as to whether she wants to be involved more. She may also disregard you if she is not involved, or simply give a monosyllabic reply. In the other hand, if she is engaged, she will respond more favorably. This weeds out overly shy and nervous ladies, of course, who may be curious but are intimidated by the possibility that a guy might fancy them as cool and good-looking. However this is not really evil, since regardless, those girls can be avoided.


You would automatically have a nice vibe in the best possible situation, and then you may “accidentally” contact her, maybe the same way you might brush the elbow of your best friend as you tell him the latest raunchy story over some drinks. Although this is not the pinnacle of sexuality that you can express when engaging with women, what is to follow is a fantastic start. The intention of this book, which shows you how to get laid more often, and with less effort, is definitely more than enough.

Finally, don’t be too fast to write the truly shy girls off. You can proceed, of course as long as she is involved, but don’t spend a lot of time figuring out if there is any romantic desire. By squeezing her hand, you can do this really easily. This is a very innocent gesture, and you can do this in many circumstances especially in a bar or club, shielded from other people say, as you lean against the bar. What you need to do is begin to caress her hand and see how she responds. You can stick with her a little longer whether she returns the favor or at the very least tolerates it. Sometimes it’s worth it.

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